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I'm married to a scavenger of sorts and he often totes home rescued boxes of books that I paw through with shiny, hungry eyes. I pull out the odd and interesting and add them to my teetering stack.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles
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E.B. White: A Biography
Scott Elledge
Murder on the Orient Express
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There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate
Cheri Huber, June Shiver
Living Buddha, Living Christ
Thích Nhất Hạnh
No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger
Mark Twain
The Snare of the Hunter
Helen MacInnes
Paintings of Henry Miller
Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell
Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul
Robert Moss
Pentimento (Back Bay Books)
Lillian Hellman

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge a Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge - Terence McKenna I find Terence McKenna's writing style extremely heavy-handed. Just as no one religion is good for everyone, so too, no one drug is "good" for everyone. The idea that taking hallucinogens is going to "lead us back to Eden" is simplistic and fundamentalist. It may for some, yes, but not for all. I agree that these kinds of drugs should be legal and used in a sacred, ritualized way, but they are not good for all people. He also has really interesting (but again, very heavy-handed) theories about other drugs, like the French Revolution being traced back to the culture's embracing of coffee and cafes. This book is a mixed bag of overbearing proclamations about all kinds of "drugs" mixed with some very interesting theories.