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I'm married to a scavenger of sorts and he often totes home rescued boxes of books that I paw through with shiny, hungry eyes. I pull out the odd and interesting and add them to my teetering stack.

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Radical Ecstasy

Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence - Dossie Easton, Janet W. Hardy I went into this book with high hopes. A discussion of "radical ecstasy" as it relates to sex and intimate connection? Yes please! And while authors Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy write with heartfelt authenticity and earnestness, this book was unfortunately, a bit of a mess. When two authors share co-authorship on one book, I am sure it can be tricky to both have individual voices as well as a unified message, but I know it's possible and have read many books where two authors pulled it off. Unfortunately, that did not happen here. The first half of the book is literally the authors telling you how different they are and how difficult it is to write a book together. They tell us for several chapters, what they will NOT be writing about. It was maddening!Then, when we finally get to what they DO want to write about, we get half intimate diary entries and half meandering musings about ecstasy and spirituality. They are being so careful to explain every term they use and re-iterate that they are being secular while still being spiritual and explaining all the aspects of BDSM (even though they say at the beginning of the book that if you are a BDSM newbie, you should read some beginner books first). WHY? Why didn't they have one introductory chapter and then get to the meet of things? In fact, reading this book was like reading the notes of a long series of couples' therapy sessions.Now, all that being said, I did read it all the way through, despite being REALLY frustrated with the wishy-washy, meandering, conversational writing style, because when they finally DID break through and actually talk about ecstasy as it relates to sex and BDSM in a concrete, conclusive way, it was fascinating and a great read. The tiny section on intuition as it relates to sex play which then leads to a greater spiritual life could have been a whole book in itself!I think these two women are too close and too intimate to write a book together. They talked about how sensitive they were to each other's edits - how if one wanted to change one sentence the other wrote, the other would fly off the handle and they would then have to process for hours and it shows, because as I said, this book is a complete mess.BUT if you are a fan of either of these women, or get turned on by detailed BDSM sex scenes (with a spiritual/ecstatic framework) you will probably be able to dig it.